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Steel Erection Service welding structure warehouse

Structural Iron Steel

  We are a leader in steel structures for industrial and commercial construction including factories, warehouses, schools, hospitals, malls and retail outlets, banks, office buildings, let us handle your next project!

We fabricate everything for your structural steel job, items such as stairways, safety bollards, and steel concrete embeds.

In addition to structural steel, we offer custom fabrication of galvanized, stainless and aluminum duct systems, piping systems, custom tanks and fittings, miscellaneous items such as stairs, handrails, mezzanines, etc. We pre-assemble many items in our shop, allowing most welds to be completed with greater quality and efficiency.  



  SDB offers high quality sandblasting and refinishing services for a variety of needs including commercial, heavy industrial, residential, and general construction. We also offer coating services including painting, staining, and sealing. With expert knowledge of the various equipment used in this field such as air compressors, fork lifts, boom lifts, containment, and dust collection equipment, SDB will take on any sized job with competitive pricing and quick turnaround.   


CNC Plasma Cutting

  At Sdb Fabrications, we are experts at providing outstanding custom plasma cutting services. Using advanced 3-axis machinery, we do plasma cutting both robotically and free hand. We are skilled at working with a variety of metals. While laser cutting leaves a smoother edge than plasma cutting, the solution is for edges to be machined or ground smooth. Plasma cutting is typically faster than laser cutting, making it ideal for larger pieces. In addition to superior cutting services, we pride ourselves on our focus on customers' individual needs. We handle all size production runs, and rush services are available. Quality and precision are always a priority. 

Warehouse and industrial consumer

Bulk Containers

R Floor Scrapper V

Work Platforms V R

Lift Master Booms V

Hoisting Hooks V I

Fork Lift Hitch V

Bag LifterFork Extensions V

Forged Forks I

Rug Rams / Carpet Poles V

Brush & Magnetic Sweepers

Light System for Fork Truck V

Snow Plows & Front Loaders V R 

Drum Handling Attachments

Protective barriers Dock Ramp  

And Much More

Podwer Coating

 Powder coating is used to coat metals, such as appliances, aluminum extrusions, drum accessories and auto parts, motorcycles and bicycles. Thanks to the powder coating, it can produce coarser coatings than conventional liquid coatings without oscillating or running, the powder coating produces minimal differences in the appearance of horizontally coated surfaces and vertically coated surfaces. For such powder coatings, film constructions may be required to obtain an acceptably smooth film. 

Prototyping Services

 From concept to completion & from paper to tangible 3D renderings. SDB Manufacturing can dramatically reduce your current design production times. Using computer aided 3D renderings, creating 3D molds. These computer rendered files can be used for concept studies to marketing without having to produce machine based prototypes with the added cost;  we have the ability to produce the prototypes right here at SDB Manufacturing – helping you make your prototypes and end products a reality. 

Drafting and Rendering

Reduce errors and costs with accurate technical drawings and 3D renderings. An accurate presentation of a product can provide a professional, properly conveyed idea eliminating costly errors due to unclear drawings. With accurate drawings and 3D renderings of a product, you can identify the smallest of details making sure product alignment is perfect for assembly. These renderings are also beneficial for allowing your marketing team to be a step ahead before your product is even in production. 

Consulting • Replacement • Maintenance

• With us you get the most complete service leaving your investment in our expert hands.

• We offer a number of additional to optimize the work of your plant, we work with imported high quality parts.

• As well with maintenance services for the extension of the useful life of our products within their productive process.

Our consulting services are focused on the most critical points of our customers and their opportunities 

in all the concrete and the metallurgical area.